Unearthed .mil Address on Public GitHub Raises Security Concerns that reveals US Government XMPP Top Secret Cross Domain "Jabber" Code DoD uses internally exposed on Google

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2024-07-04 14:00:16

The following Github link, which appears to be the coded language DoD "Department of Defense" US Government uses XMPP "Jabber" can be accessed on Github via Google Search according to the following link here > Slide 1 (dren.mil) .

The following Code on Github, which is Jschat is web application for online support via Jabber that uses the similar XMPP protocol service that is called aka "Jabber" can be found exposed on Github from Google at the following link > GitHub - summerisgone/jschat: Web xmpp chat application . Public code repositories like GitHub are a valuable resource for collaboration and sharing information. However, a recent discovery of a .mil email address within a public repository raises concerns about potential security risks.

The presence of a .mil email address suggests the involvement of the US Department of Defense (DoD) and potentially reveals details about internal communication systems or protocols. See the link here > xeps/xep-0127.xml at master · xsf/xeps · GitHub

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