Private web browsing in 2022

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2022-01-13 12:30:12

For at least 5 years I’ve prided myself on being a fairly platform-agnostic guy. If you’ve been working with computers long enough to become jaded you know the drill: everything does more or less the same thing and it’s awful in its own way whether it’s Windows, Mac, Linux, BSD or something else. Your passions tempered by bitter experience, you can use whatever’s put in front of you and look on aloof whenever someone insecure feels the need to explain why their preferred platform is the best.

It is therefore uncomfortable to admit that one platform, in one key aspect, has become the best. I’m talking about Safari. Yes, that dinky browser that only works on one brand of computer and never seems to keep up with web standards. I now feel like I’m compromising severely if I have to use anything else. Why on earth is that? Aren’t all browsers basically the same? Well no, it’s all to do with iCloud+ Private Relay.

I wrote about private relay back in June after it was announced at WWDC. I predicted it would be amazing. Now I’ve had a chance to use the beta version I can confirm that it is amazing.

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