My tier list of interesting YouTube channels - Tristan Hume

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2022-01-27 16:30:06

I watch a lot more YouTube than I do any other type of video content, and my favorite type of YouTube videos are interesting ones. I hesitate to call them “educational”, because they’re often not necessarily trying to teach, but to me the category distinction is they’re trying to be interesting in some way that pertains to the real world rather than just purely entertaining like video game content or comedy.

I often find myself recommending these channels to friends, so I figured I might as well write up my endorsements, and I made it a tier list since I love the format. There’s a huge variety of really cool and impressive channels out there with kinds of content you can’t find anywhere else, and I’ve watched a lot of them for years and want to highlight them. The tier choices can be kinda arbitrary and I didn’t pay any attention to the ordering within tiers. Note that this is a tier list of my favorite interesting YouTube channels:

My blog posts tend to be about programming but I barely watch any programming channels. I mostly watch all sorts of random interesting channels on everything from machining to videography. Most of these channels are pretty accessible to anyone interested even if they aren’t versed in the subject, while still often targeting something obscure or impressive rather than always basic stuff, which is something that I think YouTube channels tend to do better than blogs. But on the flipside this makes most programming channels less interesting to me, since I am versed in the subject.

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