What does your pet’s tail Speak About Health?

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2020-06-25 11:46:10

The tail of the pet is an extension of their spine. It’s more mobile and flexible than any other part in the body. It is attached to the bone at  the base of the spine called sacrum. The bone in the tail is known as caudal or coccygeal vertebrae that gets smaller along the length of the tail. The small joints and discs between each bone act as a cushion between them.

Blood vessels and nerves along the length of the tail and its muscles control the tail movement and also play a crucial role in the pooping process for dogs and cats as well.

The tail is unprotected hence it can be injury-prone. A tail can be damaged due to a simple pinch when it gets accidentally stepped on or is caught in a closing door. It can be a serious problem, involving bleeding or nerve damage.

A dog can yelp in agony with a tail injury. A normal wagging tail may hang limpy in certain injuries. This situation is quite alarming especially for a dog or cat who uses the tail to express his emotions. 

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