Fujitsu Japan says an unspecified

Malware that is 'not ransomware' wormed its way through Fujitsu Japan's systems

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2024-07-10 20:00:05

Fujitsu Japan says an unspecified "advanced" malware strain was to blame for a March data theft, insisting the strain was "not ransomware", yet it hasn't revealed how many individuals are affected.

The company has now concluded its investigation into the attack after previously announcing a "possible" data leak in March. Despite initially downplaying the likelihood of data theft, Fujitsu confirmed on Tuesday that affected individuals had been directly notified.

"We would like to offer our deepest apologies to all those involved for the great concern and inconvenience caused," the company said.

Fujitsu's description of the unnamed malware made it sound as though it was wormable. After infecting the first machine, it later spread to 48 other business computers, all localized to its internal Japan network.

"This malware was not ransomware, but rather a type of attack that used advanced techniques, such as disguising itself in various ways to make it difficult to detect," Fujitsu said.

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