Discover Alaska's Unspoiled Beauty - America's Last Great Boundary

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2020-06-29 05:44:00

Alaska's "ice paradise" has always been an endless source of inspiration for those who love traveling because of the breathtaking beauty of the pristine landscape and majestic nature.

Alaska is a paradise on earth for those who desire to adventure. Just arrived in Alaska, immediately we will enjoy the "symphony" of the wonderful nature of this place. As one of the two states not bordering any other US state, much of Alaska is covered with ice year-round. Soaring peaks are covered with huge ice sheets with a jagged surface as if waiting for real adventurers to be conquered; countless snow mountains with elevations hundreds of meters above sea level that have never been explored by previous skiers; Fresh springs are teeming with salmon and weaving through pristine pine forests.

Tourism is growing in this region: The state hosted 1.93 million visitors in 2017, an increase of 4% compared to 2016 and the tourism industry has increased by 26% in the past decade. United Airlines has even launched a new non-stop flight from Newark to Neo (Alaska's only city) to serve many travelers to this "ice paradise". 

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