In the China-India Dispute, It’s All About Water

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2020-06-21 17:39:28

The world has been spinning faster than usual in 2020. At the start of the year, everyone was (rightly) concerned about the prospects of a Third World War breaking out after US President Donald J. Trump rightly assassinated Iranian Qods Force commander, General Qassem Soleimani. Then there was the pandemic caused by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus from Wuhan, China (which increasingly appears to be from a Chinese lab).

In response, the world was forced to endure a crippling shutdown–which led to a new economic recession that borders on becoming a Great Depression. Meanwhile, the United States looks as though it is on the brink of a Marxist insurrection after the brutal killing of an African-American suspect, George Floyd, at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer.

All of these are things that have been tracked and monitored closely. We’ve talked them over nearly to death. But what few appear interested in following are the things that exist just below the proverbial radar. That used to be the job of the media. Alas, here we are.

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