First battle with Bowser!! - Super Mario 64 spoiler free walkthrough part 12

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2020-06-25 06:10:14

So gamers F1RECHARGE Gaming is back again with daily gaming blogs, today we are going to continue our Super Mario 64 spoiler free walkthrough part 12.

——————————- So this post is about our boss stage: Bowser In The Dark World

——————————- • Get to the main hall of the castle, then climb up the stairs & take the LEFT side door which has a big star on it’s door.

——————————- • To start the stage, get towards painting & rest is spoiler free walkthrough.

——————————- • Go ahead avoid the flames, then do a long jump to get on the blue slope. Here jump onto any rotating platform.

——————————- • Once your platform as reached at proper height, then jump for platform at other side.

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