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2024-07-03 23:00:04

These pages examine particular technical aspects of STAR WARS. The motivation of this project is to synthesise and explore a self-consistent reality for that universe. There is an emphasis on topics inadequately covered by offline references.

Over the years, these commentaries have been greatly enhanced as a result of debate and discussion involving many correspondents. Suggestions are welcome, although I cannot always give an immediate personal reply. All original contributions are acknowledged. Topic proposals for new STAR WARS technical commentaries are also welcome, but I'm already busy developing many other pages offline.

Visible and actual progress in these pages varies according to the demands of my “real life”. My own paid research takes precedence over this passtime. Also note that these pages have no relation to real physics work; the project intends to rationalise a fantasy. This hobby simply uses the methods and language of science to consider the question: “If the STAR WARS universe were real, how would its phenomena be understood?”

All contents are subject to revision and correction without notice: the primary objective for these pages is accuracy and rational consistency, not the development of any fixed dogmatic line. New items are identified in the site updates page. General issues regarding the site are answered among the frequently asked questions.

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