Cool URIs can be ugly

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2024-02-12 15:00:03

Around last year this blog, a simple static site, was running on GitHub pages, together with Cloudflare in front of it due to (perceived) unreliability with GitHub’s SSL provisioning for custom domains. In order to simplify my stack, I tried running it on Cloudflare Pages.

The setup process was extremely smooth. Connecting to the GitHub repository where my blog lives worked just as expected, setting up their CI was painless, and since Cloudflare was already managing my domain’s DNS, switching over DNS records to point to the new static site was literally just a button click.

This worked fine for a week or so until I found some pretty surprising behavior in Cloudflare’s static site hosting that made me stop using their services immediately.

I inherited this decision from the static site generator I started with, liquidluck, and have since then put a lot of care into ensuring this format never changes as I moved away from it, even though the format could perhaps be a little bit cleaner.

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