The Hamler Programming Language

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2021-09-27 20:30:02

Hamler empowers industries to build the next generation of scalable, reliable, realtime applications, especially for 5G, IoT and edge computing.

For almost a decade, we have been developing software systems based on Erlang/OTP, especially our main product EMQ X - the scalable open-source MQTT broker. So, we have always believed that Erlang is a masterpiece of engineering. With amazing concurrency, distribution and fault tolerance, it is one of the few general-purpose language platforms able to properly handle concurrency and soft realtime.

However, from all the experience writing Erlang, we believe that the following features can help Erlang programmer better adapt to the coming wave of 5G, IoT and edge-programming and attract more people for using BEAM.

The Hamler 0.1 compiler was forked from PureScript 0.13.6. The Hamler source code is parsed to generate CST, then CoreErlang’s IR is generated after CST -> AST -> CoreFn’s syntax tree transformation, syntax analysis and type checking. The code is then used by the Erlang compiler to generate the final Beam bytecode.

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