Recordings 2023 — Understanding Latency

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2023-09-15 10:30:02

Application/OS Developers, Network Vendors, and Operators need to be focused on successfully reducing latency to a minimum, for both organizations and customers. But how?

Speakers: Gavin Young (Vodafone), Dave Taht (Bufferbloat Project and LibreQoS), Bjørn Ivar Teigen (Domos), Brennen Smith (Ookla), Varun Singh (Daily), Mayur Sarode (Ex-Microsoft, Mixed Reality), Magnus Olden (Domos) and Stuart Cheshire (Apple).

Speakers: Kathleen Nichols (Pollere LLC), Toke Høiland Jørgensen (Red Hat), Dan Siemon (Aterlo Networks, Preseem), Peter Thompson (Predictable Network Solutions Ltd.), Lai Yi Ohlsen (Measurement Lab), Koen De Schepper (Nokia Bell Labs), Dave Taht (Bufferbloat Project and LibreQoS) and David Tuber (Cloudflare).

Speakers: Stuart Cheshire (Apple), Gino Dion (Nokia Bell Labs), Magnus Olden (Domos), Angus Laurie-Pile (GameBench), Craig Thomas (Broadband Forum), Greg Mirsky (BBF PEAT, Ericsson), Jason Livingood (Comcast), José Diaz Martínez (RDK) and Bjørn Ivar Teigen (Domos).

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