A warning to business owners and managers, you are a big part of the problem!

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2022-01-13 02:00:06

In my last couple of articles, mainly So-called modern web developers are the culprits and Is the madness ever going to end? I have written about some of the major problems with so-called modern web development and I have addressed the issues to the developers themselves, which is where I think most of the blame lies. However, in some cases the business owners and managers are the true culprits. They are the major driving force behind the bad decisions, so if you're a business owner or a manager looking for the quick fix, I advice you to read this article carefully.

I am an entrepreneur myself and I am currently involved in a business venture with a company that had burned their fingers badly just before we went into business together. So, this article is not just a rant, it is an attempt to make a serious matter manifestly clear because it is at the root of the problems. If you're a business owner or manager and you haven't read my previous articles, take a moment and go read them before you continue, then come back to this.

I am blaming the developers for the problems we're facing, but in some cases the developers have no choice, they are being pushed by the business owner and/or manager.

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