History indicates that there will be more poor people than rich people in the future

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2020-06-24 09:43:18

More than five thousand years ago, the people of that era realised that when copper is being melted during heating with tin, it produced bronze. Since this new metal (bronze) was more durable and harder than every other metal at the time, it quickly became a huge vital technological advantage over stone weapons. This is the beginning of the Bronze Age as recorded in human history.

For the next 2,000 years afterwards, empires which had direct access to weapons fashioned in bronze ruled and dominated the world. This continued until the world witnessed it’s next technological revolution which we know today as the Iron Age. When iron was discovered, the ancients noticed that it was stronger and harder than bronze, and was also a bendable metal, which is a huge advantage on its own. As expected, this discovery changed the course of humanity again. Sooner enough, civilisations and empires that owned iron ruled the earth, while the secrets of producing iron gave the smelters a substantial competitive advantage. For the first time in human history, knowledge turned to a vital factor in achieving world domination.

Now, to answer the question. Will there be more rich or more poor in the future? There will be more poor people than rich people according to history. This is simply because of the continuous growth occasioned by a huge technological divide. Take the internet for example. The internet has altered everything as we know it. The world can simply not afford to not have access to internet anymore due to its uncountable numerous advantages. This has breeded the information age as we know it today, an age based totally on data and knowledge. This has changed everything, and the people who think that technology and science is for certain class of people are simply not getting the point.

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