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2023-09-19 14:00:04

You don’t get paid to write dependencies. To an extent, I think everybody knows this. But it’s worth saying bluntly because people will not say it to your face. Instead they’ll attempt to say other, nicer things, like “don’t reinvent the wheel” or “not-invented-here syndrome”. But really, that’s what they mean.

You don’t get paid to write dependencies because your users don’t care about your dependencies. Your users aren’t deciding to use your library on the basis of your node_modules size. Sure, dependencies can have an impact on your users. But that impact is often overestimated. Your users are not going to care if you distribute a binary that is a few megabytes too big. They’re not going to care if you use a CLI parsing library instead of writing your own.

And if they do care, if the difference between someone using your code and not is a few megabytes of storage, that’s not really a defensible moat.

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