A Better ChatGPT for DevOps Teams

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2024-02-11 13:30:04

Your DevOps copilot to help you build, manage and monitor your cloud environment via chat. It's your own "ChatGPT for cloud infra".

Login to your account or create one here: link We only support authentication with password of Google auth for now. Will release other SSO features soon.

Create a project and follow the instructions to integrate your AWS account. We only support AWS for now, but we are working on GCP, Azure and Kubernetes. To link your AWS stack, you can either enter your AWS credentials or integrate your account using a secure Role Delegation with external ID. HeyCloud provides a pre-configured runtime environment so you don't have to spend hours setting up one. Once, your project is created, all you need is to ask questions and execute commands. HeyCloud answers your questions using the context of your own cloud stack.

Ask any question and get contextualised answers. Since HeyCloud is integrated with your Cloud stack, it has all the context it needs so there is no hallucination (compared to ChatGPT for example). Also, there is no need to spend time explaining your context, it already has it.

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