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2024-07-05 06:00:04

A hill that I will at least fight on is that text based structured log formats are not 'plain text logs' as people understand them, unless perhaps you have very little metadata attached to your log messages and don't adopt one of the unambiguous encoding formats. Sure you can read them with 'less', sort of, but not really well (much less skim them rapidly).

"Plaintext" logs are a different thing than log formats that are stored using only printable and theoretically readable text. JSON is printable text, but if you dump a sequence of JSON objects into a file and call it a 'plaintext log', I think everyone will disagree with you. For system administrators, a "plaintext log" is something that we can readily view and follow using basic Unix text tools. If we can't really read through log messages with 'less' or follow the log file live with 'tail -f' or similar things, you don't have a plaintext log, you have a text encoded log.

This is all text. You can sort of read it (especially since I've left out the relatively large timestamps). But trying to read through all of these messages with 'less' at any volume would be painful, especially if you care about the specific values of those 'rr=' things, which you're going to have to mentally decode to see through the '\t's (and other characters that may be quoted in strings).

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