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2021-07-21 22:00:07

This is an overview of the tools and software I use to maintain and index of my knowledge and life in an efficient and shareable way.

The main knowledge base program I use to save and gather information is Archivy, an open source project I created that supports hierarchical and bidirectional notes, local bookmarking and is highly extensible.

I run a local instance of this program on my computer, through which I edit / manage my knowledge, simply opening a new browser tab or vim when I have content to write. All my data is stored as markdown files in a local git repository that I push to a private GitHub repo for backup / access on my phone.

I wrote a plugin to turn user Archivy knowledge bases into static HTML websites so that users can share their knowledge bases online. Mine is hosted at

The git setup I have makes it so that whenever I push my changes and indicate new files in public visibility this website is updated.

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