Raspberry Pi Home Automation: Install & Configure OpenHAB

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2020-06-22 17:43:57

In the age of the Internet of Things, more and more devices are connected. This is also suitable for your own Raspberry Pi home automation. However, each device uses a different transmission protocol, which can make controlling them quite uncomfortable. Fortunately, there is a remedy for this: The Smart Home System OpenHAB offers many existing packages, with which all devices from well-known manufacturers can be controlled using one interface. And even for components that are not yet supported by default, we can simply write our own plugins.

The main advantage of this is that we can monitor and control all connected devices via a single control panel, be it inside or outside.

In order to be able to use OpenHAB and thus take the first step for our Raspberry Pi home automation, we begin with the installation, setup and configuration of OpenHAB in this tutorial before we connect further modules in the following tutorial parts.

As already said, pretty much all devices and sensors can be used with OpenHAB, including many that we have already used in previous tutorials. In addition, the following components are essential:

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