Hylo | The Hylo Programming Language

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2024-02-11 12:00:05

Hylo (formely Val) is a programming language that leverages mutable value semantics and generic programming for high-level systems programming.

The language tour gives an overview of Hylo’s features. The language specification and IR specification (work in progress) provides detailed information about Hylo’s syntax and semantics.

Hylo is under active development and is not ready to be used yet. The code of the compiler is open source and hosted on GitHub. The current status of the project is described on our roadmap page.

Our goals overlap substantially with that of Rust and other commendable efforts, such as Zig or Vale. Besides, other programming languages have value semantics (e.g., R or Whiley) and/or provide excellent support for generic programming (e.g., Swift or Haskell). So why another one?

What sets Hylo apart in the current landscape is its focus on mutable value semantics for the purpose of writing efficient, generic code. Hylo is a zero-cost abstraction language that fully acknowledges the physical constraints of computer architecture. Yet, it presents a user model that marries these constraints with the benefits of value-oriented programming.

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