Sent some food and coffee trucks for everyone waiting in line! : Ariana Grande

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2020-06-24 03:52:46
A handful of states are holding primaries on Tuesday, including Kentucky, where the election is being closely watched after polling locations were closed across the state — including the county home to Louisville, Jefferson County, which has only one polling location, sparking accusations of voter suppression. As people turn out in droves for the election, lines at the polling locations left open grew very long, leaving extended wait times. The 26-year-old pop star revealed on Twitter that she sent food and coffee trucks to offer some sustenance to those waiting in line. “Sent some food and coffee trucks for everyone waiting in line!” Grande said. “Please pull up, enjoy and use your voice today we need u [sic].” Grande also shared a tweet containing a photo of a number of individuals wearing shirts and holding signs reading “black voters matter” and “vote today.”
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