Easy Record smooth video with the iSteady Mobile Plus gimbal

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2020-06-25 19:03:51

Sick of recording shaky video on your phone? Add a gimbal to your gear. It uses a combination of weights and motors to keep a camera steady while it’s in motion. That means you can walk, run, pan, swoop and so on and enjoy much smoother video than you could just holding the phone in your hand.

These things used to cost a lot, though prices have dropped substantially in the last year. Example: For a limited time, and while supplies last, Amazon seller Renshinus has the Hohem iSteady Mobile Plus 3-axis smartphone gimbal for $71.20 with promo code MOBILE20OFF.

The Mobile Plus works with most phones, though there’s a bit of contradictory info in the product description: It says the gimbal supports phones that have “under 6-inch screen,” but then lists compatible models like the Galaxy S10 Plus and iPhone 11 Pro Max — which have 6.4- and 6.5-inch screens. For what it’s worth, I tested it with my 5.8-inch iPhone X, and the clip definitely has room to spare.

The gimbal offers four modes, all of them accessible via a simple toggle button. You can also add Hohem’s app to the mix for more advanced options like face- and object-tracking and time-lapse recording. Note, however, that various app reviewers have cited problems with the latter function. I wasn’t able to put it to the test, but I can tell you there’s a pretty substantial learning curve to using this thing. You first need to balance your phone properly, then figure out how best to make use of the various modes. Hohem’s instruction manual covers only the most basic aspects of operation. My advice: Seek out some how-to videos.

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