How I render my web applications

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2024-05-12 05:30:04

You're either going to use javascript, and fetch all the needed data from a server via an API, or, you're going to do the opposite, do everything on the server.

The real power of CSR is however, is very good interactivity, since there's practically zero network traffic, and everything is rendered as SPA (Single Page Application).

Since you're page is dynamically generated by JS, the search engine crawler has hard times recognizing the document structure.

As you can see, the process is more or less the same, but the difference is, that SSR pre-generates the HTML on the server, and then sends the whole thing back.

I use less popular template system, Latte, which has context-sensitive escaping, compared to other systems like Twig (Symfony) or Blade (Laravel), which lack that.

Latte offers great layout system, which allows all your templates to inherit from a parent (layout), include other templates, and more.

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