Lindenmayer systems - log_coffee!

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2023-11-19 12:00:04

A Lindemayer system or LSystem for short consists of an alphabet of symbols that can be used to make strings, a collection of production that expand each symbol into some larger string of symbols, an initial “axiom” string from which to begin construction, and a mechanism for translating the generated strings into geometric structures.

A few years back, I built a rudimentary website to extrapolate a few known LSystems in pure JS. However, presently I have been getting more comfortable with Rust 🦀 and explored rebuilding it with Rust and wasm-bindgen to get better performance for tougher iterations.

Once the LSystem is defined, we can build the drawing sequence. Iterations define the number of rounds the sequence will be expanded using the given rules. The higher the iteration, the better defined the picture is.

Note: The function above can also be written recursively but for larger iterations, you would run out of stack depth way before running out of heap memory.

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