Koji raises $10 million for its platform for creating interactive social media posts

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2020-06-30 13:06:04

Koji has raised $10 million for its platform for creating interactive social media posts. It’s a remix tool that anyone can use to make and share interactive selfies, memes, and games.

TikTok popularized “remix” culture, but Koji wants to go one step further by democratizing the ability to create and share social content by making it easy to share interactive content like mini games. Already, during the beta period, the company said that 150,000 Kojis were created and played 10 million times.

The San Diego, California-based company spent the past year beta testing the product, said Dmitry Shapiro, CEO of Koji, in an interview with GamesBeat.

“TikTok introduced a new wrinkle to this concept of remixing, not starting from scratch, but starting from something that already exists and changing it,” Shapiro said. “People thought this was copying things in the past and that wasn’t valuable. But TikTok has shown that is not the case. It showed that remixes themselves could be significantly better than the originals.”

The company was created by Shapiro, a former MySpace Music and Google veteran, and Sean Thielen, a young developer. Galaxy Interactive led the round with participation from Bitkraft Esports Ventures and others. Angel investors include former Disney CEO Michael Eisner; games and esports firm Modern Times Group; Google News head Richard Gingras; and Zynga founder Mark Pincus.

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