Vale 0.2 Released: Higher RAII, Concept Functions, Const Generics, FFI, Modules, Faster Compiles, set Keyword

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2022-05-13 13:30:05

As we all know, Vale is a programming language that aims to be fast, safe, and easy to use. It's a challenging goal, and version 0.2 lays a solid foundation for the next steps in the endeavor.

This version has been prioritizing ease of use, enabling much larger Vale projects. We can now comfortably create large programs such as this roguelike game. With this version, Vale has graduated from a prototype to early alpha status.

Try it out, and if you like what you see, consider sponsoring us on GitHub! This is a free project for the good of all, and with your help, we can continue working on it for longer. 0

This release enables Higher RAII, a form of linear typing that helps the compiler enforce that we "never forget to call that function".

For a real-world use case, check out the recent article Higher RAII, the pattern that saved me a vital 5 hours in the 7DRL Challenge.

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