Free 7K and 11K Series PDF Books

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2023-03-15 23:00:14

The first is Tektronix oscilloscopes Vol. 1 The 7000-Series consisting of 289 pages of information and photos of the 7000 series of oscilloscopes.

The second is Tektronix oscilloscopes Vol. 1 The 11000-Series consisting of 65 pages of information and over 100 photos of the 11000 series of oscilloscopes and is a continuation of Vol. 1.

Vol. 1 is organized as 7000-Series key points, 7000-Series mainframes, 7000-Series plug-ins, and 7000-Series restoration, and Vol. 2 is organized as 11000-Series.

They are available in a high resolution, large download, or a lower resolution smaller download. They can be found on along with other of his free books. [External Site]

Why this book? Simple: I love this kind of equipment. Wonderful classic equipment, that made the history of the technology, and that today we have the pleasure to preserve for the future.

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