Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services without Domain

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2020-06-27 04:24:37

What if you have a need for running Windows Server 2019 as a remote desktop services server but you are not running a domain? If your Windows Server 2019 server is in a workgroup in an edge environment possibly and you need to run remote desktop services, is this possible? Also, what about setting up Windows Server 2019 remote desktop gateway with a workgroup? Is that possible? Can you install both on the same server in a workgroup? In this post, we will take a look at the use case of running Windows Server 2019 remote desktop services without domain services running and answer these other questions regarding the workgroup configuration with RDS and Windows Server 2019.

First of all, before you know how to do something, it is good to know why you would want to do it. Especially in production, we don’t simply want to do something just because we can without a good reason.

We all know that Windows Server in an Active Directory domain has access to many more powerful ways of doing things, centralized management, and security model.

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