People Are Filming Creepshots of Women at BLM Protests

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2020-06-19 07:27:38

Users of so-called creep forums are deliberately attending Black Lives Matter protests to film women without their consent, according to videos and screenshots from a private forum obtained by Motherboard.

The news highlights something that some protesters may be unaware of: that strangers may be filming them and uploading footage of them without their knowledge. Though specific types of creepshotting are illegal in some states (such as so-called "upskirt" videos), the news also shows that internet hosting companies have done a poor job of moderating and removing this type of content from the internet. It also shows how brazen some of the people filming women without their consent are, doing so while millions march in the streets for social justice.

"Let's get into how profitable these protests are for us. For one, everyone is in a crowd and not even thinking about us recording them," one user on a creepshot forum wrote earlier this month. "I had to take advantage of a protest we had in our town, and I got 2 solid captures."

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