GPU Driven Rendering Overview - Vulkan Guide

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2024-05-30 06:00:04

Tutorial codebase, 125.000 objects processed and culled on main view and shadow view, 290 FPS. This view renders more than 40 million triangles due to the 2 mesh passes. Rendered on a RTX 2080.

This chapter is outdated for the current version of vkguide and its valid for Legacy Vkguide. Its techniques can be still applied on new vkguide, but the text and code is meant for legacy vkguide. A new version of this chapter is being written as chapter 7 of the new Vkguide.

Over the last few years, bleeding edge render engines have been moving more and more towards calculating the rendering itself on the GPU in compute shaders. Thanks to the introduction of MultiDrawIndirect and similar features, it’s now possible to do a very big amount of the work for the rendering inside compute shaders. The benefits are clear:

The result is an order of magnitude or more scene complexity and object counts. In the code that we will walk through in later chapters, based on the engine at the end of chapter 5 tutorial, we can run 250.000 “drawcalls”, on Nintendo Switch, at more than 60 fps. On PC it reaches 500 fps. We essentially have a nearly unlimited object count, with the bottleneck moved into just how many triangles are we trying to make the GPU draw.

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