Making sense of requests for CPU resources in Kubernetes

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2021-09-27 10:00:05

One particularly confusing type of the resource for me was cpu. For example, in the manifest above, the my-app container declares a request for “100m” of the CPU. What does that mean?

Limits and requests for CPU resources are measured in cpu units. One cpu, in Kubernetes, is equivalent to 1 vCPU/Core for cloud providers and 1 hyperthread on bare-metal Intel processors. CPU is always requested as an absolute quantity, never as a relative quantity; 0.1 is the same amount of CPU on a single-core, dual-core, or 48-core machine.

A misleading (but fairly common) mental modal amongst the developers, is that the application inside the Pod’s container is “boxed” by the container runtime, as if the application received a dedicated slice of the machine’s resources. That’s not exactly how it works. At least, it’s not if Kubernetes uses Docker as the underlying container runtime.

I find it easier to think about the requested resources as a way for an application to “hint” to Kubernetes scheduler about how much resources the application thinks it needs.

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