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2024-02-11 22:00:09

Are you a recruiter with a high volume of applicants? The AI-cruiter extension enables you to review all applicants and never worry that you have missed a great one. Every job applicant deserves a fair chance at being reviewed. Unlike most recruiters, you will stay up-to-date with everyone who is applying to your jobs. Impress your colleagues or your clients by finding highly qualified candidates from the large pool of motivated job applicants.

This extension generates highly customizable summaries based on resumes. AI-cruiter uses large language models (LLMs) - like ChatGPT, PaLM 2, our private fine-tuned LLM - to generate succinct, customizable and relevant summaries of your job applicants' resumes. Spend only minutes to generate hundreds of resume summaries. Bookmark promising candidates. Create, customize and re-use prompts for similar jobs. The AI-cruiter extension is built for recruiters and jobs in any industry, and it works out-of-the-box on the following websites: Lever, Greenhouse, JazzHR, Workable, Breezy.

AI-cruiter allows you to quickly check education, skills, experience or any other specific qualification of every job applicant, without leaving the page. Bookmark promising candidates with one click.

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