The Keto Secret That Helped One Woman Lose 191 Pounds and Reverse Her Diabetes

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2020-06-20 17:11:55

Just a few weeks later, at her first checkup in ages, Traci Howard weighed 315.4 pounds, her blood pressure sky-high. “The skin tags on your neck are a red flag that you have blood-sugar issues,” Dr. Mark said. “We’ll run tests, but for now, let’s change how you eat.” He went over the basics of a “keto” diet, explaining it lowers dangerous and fattening high blood sugar. Ignoring her doubts, Traci promised, “I’ll commit 100 percent.”

So Traci went home and hit the internet. She learned that her genes and starch-heavy diet had likely left her with cells so damaged, they could barely get energy from carbs. Most of what she ate became fat. “No wonder I’m so heavy,” she thought. A keto diet would train her body to fuel itself with fat instead of sugar. “It can’t hurt to try,” she thought.

To support her mom on the first day of her new diet, Traci’s daughter Lauren made a cheesy keto chicken casserole. “Delicious,” raved Traci, who by then had been put on medications for type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

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