HTTP Image Upload Error in WordPress- How to Troubleshoot It?

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2020-06-25 19:22:44

While using WordPress, you can see a number of errors troubling you when you access your site. But, the good this is that all these errors can be fixed by following a few troubleshooting steps. One such frequently occurring error is the HTTP Image Upload Error in WordPress reported mostly by the users.

There can be numerous reasons to make this error happen in front of you. The recently updated of the latest version of WordPress can also cause this error. If you have made an update, then also HTTP errors related to image uploads can occur.

It also happens when the WordPress is unable to determine the reason behind the image upload failure. Because of which you’ll get a message HTTP error.

If you have started seeing the error just after installing or updating any plugin, then it would be better to deactivate it. In case of an image optimization plugin, you must temporarily disable it and then try to upload your media to see whether the problem was resolved.

If there will be a memory problem in WordPress, then also you can encounter such an issue. It can also cause many other WordPress issues such as HTTP error of 500 WordPress, 503 services unavailable error, and many more. For fixing this error, you will have to increase the memory of PHP. You can increase it up to 256 MB.

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