Identity Synchronization With Wren:IDM

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2024-05-09 16:30:05

Wren:IDM is an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platform designed to efficiently manage user accounts, access rights, and permissions within an organization. Unlike certain opinionated solutions, its flexible data model can adapt to the organizational structure and integrate naturally with established processes.

In this article, we will explore provisioning, which is a crucial feature of identity management systems. Employing a CSV file as a source system. Leveraging implicit synchronization settings of Wren:IDM, any modifications will be automatically propagated to an LDAP directory.

Onboarding, layoffs and employee changes do not pose any challenges. Automatic synchronization ensures seamless, automated propagation of changes between systems without the need for manual intervention.

For more information regarding synchronization, its types, mappings, scenarios, and actions, we advise reviewing our documentation.

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