FDA advices to Stay away from potentially toxic hand sanitizers

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2020-06-22 14:11:01

WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers about a potentially toxic substance in hand sanitizers manufactured by a company from Mexico.

The administration issued the advisory for nine hand sanitizing products from Eskbiochem SA de CV on Friday. The FDA said the products could contain methanol, or wood alcohol, which could be toxic if it is absorbed through the skin or ingested.

According to the FDA, "substantial methanol exposure can result in nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, permanent damage to the nervous system or death." The agency noted that those at highest risk for methanol poisoning are children who accidentally consume the hand sanitizers or adults who drink them as a substitute for alcohol.

The FDA said they recommended to Eskbiochem that they remove their hand sanitizers from the market due to the risks. As of Friday, the company had not taken any action in that regard.

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