When to use GraphQL vs Federation vs tRPC vs REST vs gRPC vs AsyncAPI vs WebHooks - A 2024 Comparison

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2024-04-03 14:00:10

This is not your typical comparison article that praises one technology over others. Instead, it will give you a framework to make technology decisions based on use cases and requirements. This guide is up to date as of April 2024 and reflects the current state of the art in API technologies and best practices.

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Every week, we talk to developers from companies of all sizes and industries, from StartUps with 5 developers to large enterprises with 1000s of developers. What this allows us to do is to see patterns and trends across the industry. Some companies are more mature in their API journey and have strong opinions on what to use, while others are just starting to formalize their API strategy and are looking for guidance.

My goal is to give you a high-level overview of the most popular API styles in 2024, how companies are using them, and why they are choosing one over the other.

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