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2023-09-15 23:00:04

Lately, it seems like I have noticed what appears to be an increase in language that seems to convey a sense of uncertainty. For example, when I search for something on Google, and it can't find anything, it frequently responds by saying something like this:

Setting aside for a moment the question of what a "great" match is, I feel caught off guard by Google's apparent use of the phrase "It looks like" in this context.

It feels like, somehow, Google doesn't even have total access to its own database, and therefore must preface itself with "It looks like" because it isn't really entirely sure. "It looks like there are no matches" seems quite different than "There are no matches", but apparently, that means the same thing according to Google... or does it?

It looks like they use this type of strangely defensive, uncertain language in other places too. For example, if you search for an image using Google Images, and scroll a little bit, it pauses and says:

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