heyjohn: A Vision For A Better Social Media

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2024-07-07 17:00:03

In high school, I had a small group of friends that I did everything with. We were at Jacob’s house nearly every day after school, even if it was eight miles out of the way. We learned, played, created, and grew together and I love them dearly to this day.

As everyone’s lives started, we had to physically separate. John and I went a few hours away to go to school. Garrett went across the country. Until this point, we never had to connect without being in the same physical space. We tried our best, usually playing video games together and waiting for Christmas break to come when everyone could gather again.

Over time, we tried a few different tools to maintain the level of connection that we had built over those formative years. We tried creating a Discord server with different channels for different topics. We tried gaming regularly, creating a book club, and a bi-weekly newsletter. Nothing really stuck except for semi-regular individual phone calls and our three-or-four-messages-at-a-time group chat on Snapchat. Everyone always had other responsibilities and relationships to take care of that left nurturing our small community on the back burner.

And now I am 5,600 miles away and eight (sometimes nine) hours ahead of home. I’ve met some incredible people here that I’ve made relatively deep connections with. I’m afraid of the impending disconnect in these relationships that I know is coming once it’s time to sprinkle ourselves back across the United States.

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