The ultimate guide to Isaan, Northeastern Thailand

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2020-06-29 17:21:05

E veryone knows Thailand’s claim to fame: the nation’s pristine, clear water beaches, vibrant nightlife, and the never ending supply of colors, smells and friendly people. Yet there’s a part of Thailand most tourists never get to see, away from the chaos of the cities and the crowds packed at beaches – that part is Northeastern Thailand (also known as Isaan), which is the quiet, yet truly adventurous part of this nation.

It’s a place where you can visit monkeys, pray at temples perched on volcanoes, watch buffalo run in the fields, and where people take the time to enjoy every part of their day.

And Isaan – Northeastern Thailand – really is where you will finally get the full scope of everything that Thailand has on offer.

It’s a region with unparalleled wildlife, stunning attractions and cultural landmarks that must be visited! Along with the friendliest people you can meet. Below we outline some of the attractions and things to do in this barley known area of the word.

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