Graphs as a Journaling Device

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2021-06-09 21:30:05

I’m most comfortable using a fork to eat pasta. I am quite skilled at using a fork. Therefore, I should use a fork to chop down the tree in my backyard.

One of the most devilish problems I’ve encountered in my life is that of unknown unknowns. When I’m facing a problem I want solved, I tend to rely on familiar tools. If I know better tools exist and I have time to learn, I invest the time in education.

But I don’t know what tools I don’t know. When I don’t know if better tools exist and simply use the tools I’m familiar with, I often end up hobbling myself by trying to cut down a tree with a fork.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of self reflection: therapy, journaling, talking with friends. In the process, I’ve realized there’s a severe limitation in all of these tactics.

In having a conversation, in reading or writing sentences, you comprehend one word at a time in a linear order. However, the process of introspection isn't so simple.

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