Own a Weather Station? We Want Your Data!

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2024-06-05 19:30:06


Do you own a personal home weather station and a computer with a dedicated connection to the Internet, such as fiber, DSL or cable? If you do, the National Weather Service (NWS) and local television meteorologists would love to see your data! The NWS can ingest your frequently-posted weather data into our data and display systems, which can not only improve computer model data (and subsequent weather forecasts) for your area, but also makes the NWS and local television meteorologists aware of micro-climates (unique temperature, wind and precipitation patterns) specific to your local area.

In addition, have you ever watched the weather on television and your favorite meteorologist shows or references weather data from some pretty small towns and remote areas not near your typical larger airports that have a dedicated weather sensor? That data comes from personal weather stations, uploaded to the MADIS data stream, and used by television meteorologists to help bring local weather conditions to you, the viewer.

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