Arguments For A Project Kickoff Strategy

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2021-06-09 18:30:07

You may not be a project manager. Perhaps you are a developer who likes to code and solve technical challenges. The organizational matter is something you care less about. After all, your company is likely relying on some agile methods and there are product owners and/or SCRUM masters to handle the process. You just need to build new features.

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools. Working software over comprehensive documentation. Customer collaboration over contract negotiation. Responding to change over following a plan.

Adopting agile is generally difficult. It doesn’t come naturally which leads to impediments and internal refusal. Applying principles, holding meetings/events, or hiring SCRUM masters is barely enough, though it is where some companies will turn their focus. The result is running a process that looks agile-driven but without the spirit. People tend to nourish in environments with different setups—those that fuel motivation and proactivity. If you are a developer in a non or semi-agile organization you can do a lot to improve the working process.

Engineering managers (EM) do a great job of coordinating people and keep track of the project progress. They remove blockers and help you stay delivery-focused. It’s a bonus if they also have some technical experience. In that case, management is more likely to empower people familiar with the product internals and the process itself (programmers, QA). Contrary, leaders represent the business and are quite often detached from the production line. You as a developer are not. In addition, depending on your career ladder coordinating efforts across the team rather than working in a silo should already be part of your job description.

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