Anatomy of OpenAI's Developer Community¶

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2024-03-28 15:00:06

OpenAI has an official developer community hosted by Discourse which is the centre place of people seeking help and conversations about OpenAI's APIs, ChatGPT, Prompting and more.

Given the size and concentration of topics on the forum, it is a great resource for understanding the general sentiment of developers, identify common problems and rabbit holes users face and gather feedback on OpenAI products.

In order to get deeper insights to developer experience and shared sentiment about certain products, we downloaded all the posts from common categories from the forum, namely. The following categories and their relevant sub-categories are included:

We created a dataset of all posts and discussions in the above categories which took place on the forum till 28th February 2024.

We believe there's a lot to learn from what people are struggling with, the developer sentiment over experience with using OpenAI's products.

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