Transcript of Reboot 11 speech by Bruce Sterling, 25-6-2009

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2021-06-09 03:30:04

*A scholar just took the trouble to transcribe all of this 40-minute conference rant of mine... "Share it, or stop it."

Okay, so you've been through a lot in two days, and the last speech in an event of this kind can't possibly be too short. There will be no graphics. Those of you who are into graphics, I would like you to look on Google for a set of graphics called "Studies in Atemporality".

These are some graphics I did earlier. If you're a graphics guy, you’ve got to have graphics during your speech, look on my Flickr set "Studies in Atemporality". I really need some help with this Flickr set.

I know you aren't going to pay any attention to my graphics anyway. You're very bright people, easily distracted. Go onto Bruce Sterling's Flickr set, look for "Studies in Atemporality", you can help me out there. 00:01:33-1

What's not so great about your event? Obviously you've had eleven reboots. Eleven reboots, people! When are you going to have a stable, functional system? I don't think you're going to get one in your lifetime.

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