Completing the #100DaysToOffload challenge | Will Webberley

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2022-01-14 00:30:07

Twelve months ago - in January 2021 - I started my attempt at the #100DaysToOffload challenge. I had set myself a new year’s resolution to try to write more and, around the same time, I noticed the hashtag for the challenge circulating on Mastodon. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to fulfil my resolution. The challenge is to post 100 times on a personal blog during the space of one year.

Whilst I had a blog (on this website) before starting the challenge, I only really wrote on it sporadically. In this post I'll talk a little about how I approached the challenge, and about how I came to be able to post more frequently during the year (and hopefully beyond!).

I began by visiting the challenge website to follow the feeds of other bloggers that had previously completed the challenge. I also searched the hashtag in the fediverse to discover people currently attempting it.

My aim was to follow and interact with others in order to gain inspiration and ideas for posts. However, I quickly realised that people wrote about things that meant something to them - a personal blog is exactly that: a series of posts about things the author is interested in or wants to share. This is the entire point of the challenge in the first place; it has to be completed on a personal blog.

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