How to periodically sync a git repository with its remote

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2023-01-23 09:00:08

I wrote this tool to fit my need for uploading a new version of my uni documents vault every 5 minutes with my new changes while taking notes on a class.

Previously obsidian together with the obsidian-git plugin satisfied this need by doing exactly what i wanted. I am however using a think pad provided by my work which has some issues when using multiple electron based applications and i don’t really like the vim implementation in obsidian.

So i thought to myself: what a nice way to get something done for myself and learn go while I’m at it. So here it is, my small, minimal and configurable tool to sync your local changes with your git remote changes every x seconds.

This section will probably change in the future so consult the documentation or the changelog to see if there are any breaking changes.

By default xgs uses the git commit -m command to create a git commit, if you need different arguments i got your back, just set commit_cmd to something different.

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