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2022-05-14 01:00:07

Around 2018, I took a job that allowed me to work more remotely and it was great! The tools (JIRA, Confluence, Slack, Zoom) were the same but content and communication felt much more authentic and straight to the point. I couldn’t fully articulate why until I came across this article later in the year: Theatre of Work

At the time, there was no theatre yet in these apps because the theatre and most of the actors still performed their shows in the office stage.

I’m really happy that more companies are embracing the hybrid or fully remote work environment as an option. But for someone who had a chance to compare pre and post pandemic times, one negative that I now experience is the new theatre in town. It has moved from the physical office to the messaging/video platforms. And the actors are moving their shows and #channels there. Because of this shift, I have reluctantly joined my company’s Screen Actors Guild. I only got my SAG card from being a consistent extra on sets rather than a role as a lead or supporting actor.

Slack and Confluence go crazy with more content, comments and notifications with more threads and tons and TONS of emoji reactions.

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