Xuanwo's VISION: Data Freedom

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2024-07-06 12:30:05

After many years of coding, my passion for the field has grown stronger, and I've become clearer about my interests and the areas I want to explore. I've discussed this with many friends, and today, I'm writing it down to clarify my thoughts further. This will also serve as a guideline for me to make decisions in the future.

My vision is Data Freedom. I aim to create an ecosystem where users can access any data, across any service, using any method, in any language.

Users SHOULD be able to access, transfer, and control data across ANY service such as S3, GCS, Azblob, HDFS, Google Drive, Dropbox, IPFS, WebDAV, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.

Users should be able to access data using any programming language, such as Rust, Python, Node.js, Java, C, C++, Zig, WASM etc.

How can I advance my vision instead of just dreaming and typing away? Currently, I'm focusing on RBIR: Rewriting Bigdata in Rust. I’m working hard to develop projects by using Rust in open-source for big data.

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