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2024-03-31 22:00:11

Last night I killed my linux installation. It refused to come back to life even after chrooting and reinstalling everything. Something broke irreparably, to the best of my knowledge.

The issue started showing its head about two weeks ago, when KDE decided it was time to push Plasma 6 and make my life miserable. That made me switch to Gnome, and shortly after to Hyprland.

At that time, while switching to these different environments, SDDM stopped working with a login loop, but I didn't give it much thought because GDM worked fine and I had work to do. However I did some investigating and it turned out that SDDM and Hyprland would work OK if I had a fresh user. I couldn't look into it further, however odd it was.

Fast forward to yesterday, and having totally forgotten about this brief hickup I decided to give SDDM a try because I was purging Gnome from my system, having now a very stable Hyprland setup.

Looking back with the benefit of foresight I should have remembered that ocasion where SDDM wasn't working, but I honestly thought it was something I did recently, not a long running issue.

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